strings 213 & 214 + tackling tuesday

I’m going to continue to work on strings from Thankfully Tackle It Tuesday used one of the strings so I get to combine challenges.

Here’s String 213 (by Audrie Wiesenfelder)

string 213
tangle patterns: lanie & btl joos
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil

String 214 (by Debra Sweeting) and the Tackle It Tuesday challenge for this week. It’s good to have you back, Cheryl!

string 214
tangle patterns: abundies, betweed, & bikiini
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil, white charcoal pencil

Jun 22, 2016 - challenge    1 Comment


Congratulations, Adele, for reaching challenge #150! Thanks for all you do in giving us a weekly challenge to grow in our Zentangling skills.

Adele also opened up her collection of tangle patterns to use. I picked citrus and mel mel, a couple of new-to-me patterns.

“zensquicentennial string” by Adele Bruno
tangle patterns: citrus & mel mel
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil

Jun 16, 2016 - challenge    No Comments


It’s nearing Father’s Day so Adele created a dad string for the It’s a String Thing challenge this week. A little dex in the round, a few double d’s, and it’s a great big thank you to all the dads out there.

father’s day string (by Adele Bruno)
tangle patterns: dex & double d
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil

Jun 10, 2016 - personal challenge    2 Comments

strings 211 & 212 – happy birthday to me!

Months ago a friend gave me a cutting from one of her plants. I eventually got it potted up and made more cuttings. This is what it looks like today, including a birthday flower just for me.  :)

I have another reason to celebrate. I just finished my personal challenge to work through all the strings at <happy dance> <a bit more dancing and hugging on my sweetie who has encouraged me along the way> You can see the entire collection of tiles here on Flickr.

Thanks to all the folks who generously shared their creative abilities with us in making the strings. Thanks also to Linda Farmer for all her hard work in gathering strings and tangle patterns as a resource for the Zentangle community. Y’all rock.  :)

Here are the last two (though I know there will be a new one tomorrow, I haven’t figured out what I’ll do with the lovely ongoing gift of more strings).

String 211 (by Mary Helmers)

string 211
tangle patterns: viaduct & pouf
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil

String 212 (by Jay Kline)

string 212
tangle pattern: shattuck
materials: 3½” square tile, black micron, #2 pencil